About Me

I had to update this as I’m now officially 40. I still live in southern Vermont. I still have a PhD, chronic migraine, and cat named Sophie. I used to be a 30-something living in Boston with a blossoming career in education program evaluation. Then migraine hit and kept on hitting. The launch of my blog coincides with (roughly) the one-year anniversary of my last truly pain-free day. It has been nearly three years since this all began.

I’ve had a handful of low-pain days in the past two years, but they’ve come only after resorting to medication(s). Not only do I have chronic migraine, but I have chronic daily headache. I always have a headache as a symptom of my migraine disease. It is my most bothersome symptom. The pain is always there, it just rises and falls.

A full-blown migraine for me brings with it additional symptoms: nausea, light sensitivity, sound sensitivity, trouble articulating my thoughts, mood swings, and fatigue. There are other co-morbid conditions that have come with chronic migraine and chronic daily headache that I am beginning to write about: anxiety and depression.

This blog is my outlet. My world has, unfortunately, shrunk due to migraine. I needed a place to put my thoughts and, for now, this is it. Thank you for reading. Your comments are always welcomed.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. The treatments I write about are my own and were determined after consultation with my doctor. I write this blog for entertainment and informational purposes only. It should not be interpreted as professional medical advice, nor is it meant to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Please consult your own medical professional(s) before making any changes to your treatment. I aim to provide factual information. Blog entries are, to the best of my knowledge, factual and accurate. However, because I am not a medical professional, I might inadvertently include errors or omissions.